“It is wonderful music, brilliantly played, excellently recorded. A recommended addition to everyone's chamber music collection. Piano trios are a showcase for any composer of ability.”--about Attracting Opposites

Emma Lou Diemer, composer

…these artists are first class...Highly recommended!”--about Attracting Opposites

Barry Green, bassist and author

A remarkable concert that exhibited expertise and profound musicality. It was a joy to hear and watch the trio play so sensitively and communicate so intimately. The audience enjoyed the variety of music and the notes given prior to the playing. I enjoyed working with Dr. Gray on setting up the event and several audience members asked me if we could invite them back. --Amy Hofer Vetch, Creative Arts Coordinator, Studio Series, Freeman, SD

Amy Hofer Vetch, Creative Arts Coordinator, Studio Series, Freeman, South Dakota

“Wonderful mix of new and traditional repertoire. Addition of the voice to the trio added variety and interest. Players' enthusiasm added greatly to audience enjoyment and appreciation of the music.” 

Jack Mohlenhoff, Minister of Music and Arts, Arts Series, First Congregational Church, Sioux Falls, SD

“...the Rawlins Piano Trio plays with spirit and commitment, and since the group commissioned the Roumain, they have a real interest in continuing the tradition. They also obviously want to give composers, both living and dead, the best opportunity possible, and I certainly salute them for that.” --about American Discoveries

Robert Carl, Fanfare Magazine

“The Cowell caught my eye first, but, in the event, my ears were beguiled by the entire program.” --about American Discoveries

Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine

“Last night's performance was a real tour de force!...”

André P. Larson, Ph.D., Director, National Music Museum , National Music Museum

“A real find!” -- in reference to American Romance.

J. Scott Morrison, Albany Records Reviewer
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